about libby.

Photo Credit:  Jane Keam Photography

Photo Credit:  Jane Keam Photography

It is always awkward to write about yourself in any way, listing off the positive attributes of your personality or why you are so great at your chosen craft…so instead, I decided to rally together people that know me well so they could tell you a little about me in an honest & raw way.  Below is a conglomeration of my friend’s & family’s reflections on who I am & what my photography looks like to them: 

Steve Jobs once said, “When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really ‘do’ it, they just ‘saw something”.  I know that is how it is with Libby because she “sees” what the rest of us don’t - a beauty in the moment and captures it with her camera.  This is how Libby sees the world - not just through her camera, but also through her outlook on life.  

A friend of mine recently commented to me “I’m not so sure how one can just be so good at listening, understanding & grasping just what is so important to a person - that is what Libby has”.  This is one of the most important qualities of Libby; her love and affection for people from all walks of life & her innate ability to connect with anyone in a non-judgemental & genuine manner.

She loves to work with people especially and will make herself at home at your wedding, capturing you & your people in a way that flatters & you will be rapt with for years to come.  So rest assured, Libby’s technical expertise coupled with her ability to realise what is truly important to you means that your special day will be documented just as you imagined.